Through the June 2021 issue South Asia Foreground, Labocine will bring together a diverse community of filmmakers and scientists from South Asia, highlighting a plethora of outstanding artistic voices from within the region. The issue offers a survey of contemporary South Asian independent cinema, and explores some of the most pressing issues that are dealt with in both fiction and documentary films.

Issue curated by Özge Calafato and Surabhi Sharma.

Dharini (Earth)

With an inquisitive mind and a love for science, Dharini is full of exuberance and ambition… as well as the naivet̩ of a teenager who has yet to…

Directed by Alexis Gambis and starring Tenoch Huerta Mejía, Son of Monarchs is a delicate yet gripping film that is characteristically riding the Science New Wave. It follows the story of Mendel, a Mexican scientist named after the pioneering geneticist Gregor Mendel, who moves between his hometown Michoacán in Mexico, which is also home to the stunning Monarch butterflies in the film, and his place of research and residence in New York City. In addition to its enchanting narrative and visuals, the film draws viewers into various tensions between nature and humans, science and art, tradition and metamorphosis, and politics…

‘WANDERLUST’ reflects on travel memories in the first person. The human being is sedentary to survive and nomadic to reinvent itself. Where are we moving to? How do we tell? What do we feel when we look at the unknown? The May issue will connect the desire to know the world with the particular and unique look of the filmmaker.

Wherever You Go, There We Are

In this experimental travelogue, efforts to sound human and look natural instead become artificial. The scenery is provided through photo-chromed vintage postcards, displaying not only scenic North American landscapes but also the rise of…

What does it mean to be an island? What does it mean to live on one? Labocine’s April issue explores the notion of “island” and invites us to reflect on the many wonders that islands and island life present, from rich resources to diverse cultures and traditions which might be under threat in the wake of industrialization and globalization. From Greenland to Nauru to Ellis Island, the notion of island may evoke a plethora of memories, ideas and emotions. As different and far away as they may seem from one another, islands are defined by the very same boundary imposed…

The ability to begin something new, from growing new skin over an injury to remodelling of tissues by plants to new societal beginnings. This month’s issue will take you on a journey in “Regeneration.” Explore different cinematic forms, ideas and understanding of birthing, rebirthing and new beginnings through cinema.


Everything that is alive is hungry. A seed is hungry for light, a bird is hungry for flight, man is hungry for the touch of another. The seed of longing grows into what feeds us.


Amy Karle: Bringing Bones to Life

Amy Karle is an artist who has always been…

La Movida was a countercultural movement that took place mainly in Madrid during the Spanish transition after post-Franco’s death in 1975. Here we explore science films that emerged in this period inspired by this the movement that coincided with economic growth and scientific progress. The issue celebrates the emergence of a Spanish-speaking identities and shakes up conventions in scientific cinema and reinvent the art and science en español.


The experiment has ben a succes: protomatter exists.



The film transports us to a Catalonian fishing village (north of Spain) to discuss the wind with its inhabitants and explore the…

If you love film festivals where you can appreciate the efforts of independent filmmakers, it’s hard to beat the yearly Sundance Film Festival, organized by the Sundance Film Institute and held in Utah. This is the biggest, most prestigious such event in the US. As a place where Hollywood deals can be made, it also has the greatest professional potential for the filmmakers whose work it shows. The last festival, held January 23 — February 2, 2020, had 122,000 attendees who could choose from among 128 feature films, 49 documentary features and scores of others. But by the time the…

It is no coincidence that the inventors of photography were well-versed in scientific research and chemistry was substantial for the improvement of photographic techniques. Until the digital age at the turn of the 21st century, film-based photochemical methods remained indispensable for photographic practices — same goes for cinema. Exploring the notion of photogenic, the January 2021 issue looks at the complex relationship between science, photography and the medium of film onscreen — Özge Calafato

Non Linear

A collaboration between a photographer, a poet, an animator and an electronic music producer. Linnea Rundgren is a unique photographer, who uses an electron…

Take a visit to the factory to see the nuts and bolts of how chocolates are made, and learn how melting a bar of chocolate was involved in the invention of the microwave. Join us this holiday season for our December issue “Science for Nanos’ — a fun packed learning experience for children that adds zest to the subject of science.

Incident at Tower 37

In the middle of a dry, desolate landscape stands Tower 37: a shimmering water processing station, siphoning every last drop of water from a once pristine lake. Day in and day out the station’s lone…

When Alexis Gambis founded Imagine Science Films over a decade ago, he could not have foreseen that its 13th annual film festival would occur during a pandemic that underlines exactly what ISF wants to do: that is, make people aware of what science means in our lives, an understanding heightened today as we face a deadly coronavirus that only science can stop. Fortunately, like other institutions, ISF found a way to safely and effectively present Imagine Science Film Festival 13. …


A new platform for films from the science new wave. From lab footage to documentary to fiction, we are home to over 2,000 science films from over 100 countries.

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